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Modular Operation Theatre also known as manufactures and designing for hospital operation room, laboratories etc. Most integrated functions are always required in an operating department, such as cleanliness must be preserved and the safety facilities; equipment and device must be maintained any times. Our modular operating theater equipment has been satisfying those conditions consists of a ceiling, slanted panels and wall. In addition, it has a high availability with high workability and enough functions, which is provided for the introduction of a new facility in the future.

In a modular operating department for which the greatest integrated function is required, cleanliness must be kept and the safety of equipment, facilities and devices must be maintained by any times. Also the working environment for medical staff such as doctors and nurses must be considered from the view point of human engineering. The modular operating theatre satisfying those conditions consists of wall, ceiling and slanted panels, and is capable of incorporating not only electrical equipment, medical gas system and lighting gears but all the necessary functions and equipment’s at need.


Modular Operation Theater

Modular operation theater department for which the most integrated function is required, cleanliness must be kept and the safety of facilities, equipments and devices must be maintained any times.

Clean Room Doors

Clean room door that is why Chase has field representatives strategically located for on-site assistance for identifying the right door system for your specific application.

Modular Operation Theater Equipments & Accessories

Operating rooms (ORs) are specialized workspaces that require highly functional equipment of the highest quality, which surgeons and other OR personnel use to perform lifesaving procedures.

HVAC System

The system is used to provide heating and cooling services to buildings. HVAC systems have become the required industry standard for construction of new buildings

Riser/Grills & Air Filter

The Return Grille Filter provides high efficiency, long life alternative to a 1 filter. It captures a significant amount of the airborne particles in the air that circulates through the filter. Mounts in most return filter grilles.

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