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Apex Industries undertakes major projects for Modular Operation Theater, we are leading manufacturer & Export's high quality Modular Operation Theatre across the globe. We make certain to offer technologically advanced modular operation theatre products and services that improve the standards of our clients’ medical clinics, nursing homes and other medical health care center. Our modular operation theatre constructions & its equipment’s are highly sophisticated. We, at Apex Industries, make sure that modular operation theatre provides to our clients with the proper sterility in operation theater with the air handling system, Modular cleanroom panels &clean room doors with the high-quality medical equipment that improve the proficiency of the doctors and surgeons during the treatment or medical examination of the patients. Modular Operation Theater, Hospital, Health care projects and building facades. From pre-planning through to project completion Apex Industries is your Trust partner of the choice. We have extensive manufacturing capability enables quality to be strictly maintained whilst allowing maximum flexibility to meet individual project requirements. Environmental considerations are fundamental to all our business principles. Through partnerships with clients Apex Industries turns concepts into reality.