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HPL Modular Operation Theater

We manufacture a prominent quality Clean Rooms asHPL cleanroom Sandwich Puf Panels.And with this higher quality products we do established a superior qualityHPL(Pre-Powder coated galvanized Sheet) Sandwich Puf Panels modular operation theater with the required complete HVAC system as treated air passes through ceiling suspended laminar air flow unit to control & maintains the operation theater environments like – Temperature, Related Humidity, Positive Pressure and Particle controls includes Surgeon control panel in OT complex, A vital ingredient in the creation of pre-fabricated HPL Sandwich Puf Panels clean rooms wall panels and ceiling panels form a substantial part of our product offerings. Apex IndustriesHPL Sandwich Puf Panels are manufactured in standard sizes & also be customized depending on the client requirement, and for viewing panels we use toughen & tempered / Plain clear glass (4-6mm) in place of the laminated glass is available upon request. Our modular panels can accommodate whatever plant layout. All parts are prefabricated, during erection, wall and ceiling panels are assembled, windows and doors are placed in specific position simultaneously and the required cut-outs or openings are made at site for lighting, filters, HVAC system, etc. As your clean room requirements evolve with today's technology, our modular panels can also be modified to facilitate equipment or manufacturing process changes in future.


  • Double Glazed flush view panels
  • Removable & Re-Locatable
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Totally flush concept – Seamless joints
  • Silica gel filled inside the frame to moisture absorption
  • 90 Degree angles cutting on the corners
  • Cost-effective & alternative to conventional construction
  • Built to drawing layout, minimal alteration required
  • Highly corrosive resistance, durable Specification
  • Panel thickness- 50MM/ 80MM/100MM
  • Insulation Puf (40 kg/M³) or Thermocol or Rock wool
  • Standard wall partitions are a composite
  • Construction of two skins Stainless Steel 304 sheets.
  • Achieve integrated processing and construction technology, economical