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General Modular Operation Theater


  • Antibacterial paint and wallpapers for the walls
  • Neat and clean doors that ensure hygiene
  • High performance of the medical equipment
  • Magnetic doors that provide the protection against any contamination
  • Certified medical equipment that offers a sense of reliability
  • Easy to install & dismantle to relocates
  • Highly durable
  • Seamless Joint at all construction
  • Anti-corrosives products manufacturing practice
  • Easy to operate or handle
  • Deliver the highest quality, with the lowest cost of ownership
  • Highly corrosion resistant stainless-steel plate

The Modular Operation Theater where patients can experience state-of-the-art Operation Theater conditions. The purpose of a Modular OT is to reduce the incidence of infection to the bare minimum possible. An AHU (air handling unit) with 3-stage filtration including a HEPA filter, completely air Conditioned , gas scavenging systems (for laminar flow), smooth, non-Porous, anti-static wall, ceiling and Anti-Static Seamless Vinyl Flooring with antibacterial Property, positive pressure maintenance and tight control over temperature and humidity- these are the features of our fully Modular Operation Theater. A Modular OT as well as strict adherence to stringent norms of sterilization in the new OT complex will ensure the highest level of safety from infection of patients.